The idea of being submissive in bed has always been a turn on to me but in this business, we are supposed to stay in control of the session at all times. So I figured I wouldn’t ever be able to explore my submissive side while on the clock. That is until today.

This afternoon I got a message from a gentleman requesting an appointment. He had obviously read my blog because he was straight to the point, respectful and informed. I always love when a client starts our first conversation with:

Hi, Joann, my name is _______ I am ____ year’s old and tells me his race and maybe his marital status. I would love to see you today and bring you one of the gifts on your wish list.

We set the appointment for 4 pm and he chose the hour session. When he arrived he was on time and requested that he jump in the shower as he had been working all day. I obliged and after he got out he came and laid on the bed completely nude.

Since sucking dick is a fetish of mine I immediately went for his dick. After a very few moments, he said oh slow that down. I said of course, you can pop more than once. I’m not rushing you I just love giving head. That is very clear he said.

Come up here and lay down and let’s talk he said. I laid next to him gently tickling him on his chest ever so lightly, as we spoke. He wanted to know what I enjoyed doing while in sessions and I told him, blow jobs, doggie…

He wanted to know what position I liked giving head in and I immediately mentioned doing it where he would be standing and I would be on my knees in front of him.

I admitted that I enjoyed that position because it seemed submissive and I had always found that smoking hot. Immediately he asked if I would like to explore submissiveness with him right now? Sure, I said without really thinking.

We didn’t get to fully explore my submissive side of course. There needs to be a certain amount of trust and that is just impossible at a first meeting.

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  1. Submission is not all about power but rather the giving of trust between two people and can actually be more erotic than anything else. There is nothing sexier than a submissive woman in the bedroom. The trust factor is immense.

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