Standing Me Up

You guys out there, you know who you are. You love making appointments after wasting a good 30 minutes at least of my time through text. Only to stand me up without even sending a simple text saying you can’t make it..

You cost me and other women like me money. If you say you are going to be here at four I believe you. Then when the next guy says he wants to come at four I have to say sorry, I am not available. Then when four rolls around you dont have the class to let me know you never had any intention of showing up. Now I missed out on the money the other guy was going to spend. That is bullshit

You can probably tell that these guys drive me completely nuts. If I wasn’t a grown woman that hates useless drama I could get really petty over these guys. It’s not just me that they are doing it to either it’s all providers. It makes our jobs twice as time consuming and in this industry time is money.

If anyone understands why so many men make appointments with providers only to stand them up. Please enlighten me. What is the payoff? I believe they are masturbating and the idea of seeing a provider makes them horny as hell.

So they set the appointment and masturbate to the thought of going through with it. They fantasize about it and once they cum they could careless about how their masturbation session may have cost me 200 or more dollars.

Just send a text saying you can’t make it.

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