No Dick Pics, Please

If you don’t remember anything else that you read here please remember this, No Dick Pics, Please! NEVER, I don’t care if she asks you for it. Don’t do it! Here is why.

I know that your penis is center of your universe as it should be but your penis is just another penis to the random woman. She might think you are the cat’s meow but not because of any dick pic.

Women are not visual the way that men are and no matter what your dick looks like a picture of it will never be the reason you are successful at getting the booty. As a matter of fact, it is much more likely to be the cause for her to stop answering your messages altogether. So next time a woman sends you a picture of herself undressed enjoy it and of course tell her how beautiful she is but unless she begs for a picture of your dick Dont send one.

Look, I am a sex worker and I don’t want your dick pics so imagine what a regular woman thinks and feels when you drop that bomb in her inbox. Some people feel that it is a form of sexual abuse and you could get into a grey area and could end up in trouble and nobody wants to go before a judge for sending out pictures of their not so amazing dick.

Right now my friends and I have a message thread called dick pics. The only thing we post there is the unwanted dick pics that are sent to us every day. Not once have any of us said wow that is a beautiful or hot dick. No, we laugh and I Dont want that for your dick. He deserves better than that.

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