Dear Landlords

Are you a landlord here in Louisville, KY? I am in serious need of an apartment for rent. I am currently staying in hotels and paying close to 700 a week. Sometimes 1000 or more depending on what is happening in town.

I have terrible credit due to the pending divorce and bad choices but since I am paying over 3 thousand dollars a month for hotels I can clearly afford just about any rent payment in this area. I would be more than willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars more a month due to the credit situation and would also be willing to spend some adult private time with any landlord willing to give me a chance.

I do not use drugs or drink I would be the model tenant. No animals or kiddos just little ole me. If you would be interested in a situation like this please text me at 502-610-1931 and let’s get this started because I hate living in hotels. Please give me a shot I will definitely take good care of you.

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