Everyone wants to know which session they should do. I would like to do an hour or ninety mins. Obviously, you think it’s because it’s more money and yes that’s great but there’s more to it.

Fifteen minutes is so short. It’s hard to provide the kind of service that I want to provide in that amount of time. I’ve been told by regular clients that the quick visit is just like the name QUICK.

When you take the time, money and risk to come to see me you want to be able to enjoy it. You dont want to fly through it. You’ve been thinking about it since you saw my ad. You have made a decision to do something totally for you and you need to enjoy it.

So unless you literally have no time for anything more do not cheat yourself with just fifteen or even thirty minutes because there is no way I can give you the quality of service you want to receive and I want to give in a matter of minutes.

With an hour I will be able to show you all my little tricks and give you great tips for when you are with your regular partner. That is what I love is showing people how good they can feel and how to duplicate it as much as possible in their regular lives.

Yes, I will still do quick visits every now and then at lunchtime for my regulars. Dont call me in the evening and ask for fifteen minutes, unless we’ve seen each other before and it is a special circumstance, on a weekend or in the evening.

I want to give better service than a fifteen-30 minute quickie.

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