Gotta love regulars

I had a great day today that was filled with some of my favorite guys. Well, one of my favorite guys anyway. I can’t use his name obviously but I know he knows who I am talking about. He is sweet, kind, generous and patient and I want to say thank you!

He waited several hours to see me after a problem with the heater in my room. today. It is always a joy to see him. He comes with gifts and sits and talks with me. There is one other thing, I hope it’s okay that I write about this…his dick… it is hooked. No joke there is a serious hook on it. The craziest part is that the hook makes it the perfect instrument to reach a woman’s g spot. Imagine that, what a gift that penis is. Lucky lucky boy!

Not to mention, last week I had a serious situation and he swooped in and really made a horrible day a whole lot better. Thank you, W. Thank you!

Love you lots



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