When Booking Appointment

Okay, you are ready to book an appointment with me. YAY!

Ask yourself these questions first

  • have I looked over the website/blog?
  • do I know what session I want?
  • do I know what time I want?
  • am I actually going to show up?

Often you want a special picture to ensure you are visiting the girl in the photos on the ad. I am more than happy to do that for you. Just text me and tell me your name and I will make a couple of sec video of me using your name. That should be more than enough.

Then simply say,

Hey Joann, my name is MARK. Could you send me a confirmation video? Also, I would like an appointment at 5 pm today for one hour. Are you available at that time?

I know it is hard not to ask about specific acts but remember we are trying to protect ourselves and it isn’t really smart to talk about exchanging sexual acts for money through text or over the phone. The police wouldn’t even have to set us up. They could just text that stuff to us and as soon as we agree to one thing they can come to pick us up for solicitation of prostitution.


So if you ask something that doesn’t get answered you know why. Better safe than sorry.

Please don’t sit on the phone texting over and over after booking. If you have a couple of questions or something that is fine but texting more than twice after booking is way too much. Once should actually be enough and then once saying you are on your way.

Can’t wait to see you!

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