Wish List

You have asked and asked that I post a wish list so here it is. Now don’t laugh…

My clients are the best. They really know how to treat a lady. Obviously, someone taught them that you get more by being sweet and I appreciate all that you do for me.


My favorite store right now is LUSH in the Oxmoor Mall. If you enter through Macis it sits on the right as you leave Macis and enter the mall.

  • R&B Hair – MY FAVORITE and makes my hair just the way you love it
  • Twilight- Body spray is what you always smell on you and you tell me you love
  • Bath Bombs – You are sure to get extra loving with a handful of those

Gift Cards are always a safe gift for the lady in your life. Here are the gift cards that I would enjoy receiving:

  • Uber/Lift/Taxi – this would be a thoughtful and helpful gift.
  • Amazon – Lots of love for one of these because you can buy anything with one. You never know I might buy that nightie or toy that you like.
  • Visa/Mastercard- These gift cards are always safe. I can hire Uber, buy from Lush or even amazon
  • My favorite Flower is Daisy
  • Color is brown
  • Favorite food is Mexican

Again I need to say thank you because just about every one of my regulars and the guys that want to be considered a regular brings me a little something For that I am thankful. In return, as you know I offer some extra and depending on how nice the gift is you might get yourself blown away with the rewards.

Obviously, if you are reading this twenty minutes before our appointment you won’t be able to grab anything off my list. You can, however, give me a tip at the beginning of our session. Men always tip after services but I like them before. I think it makes me that much sweeter and you know what. You might want to give me a tip after too.

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