Time Crushers

Back in the old days of escorting things sure were much simpler. The girls didn’t have any contact whatsoever with the client until they knocked on the client’s door. Now the client contacts the provider directly. Unfortunately, most of the calls and messages we get are from men who have no intention of booking a session and showing up.

I call these guys Time Crushers. They contact you with a Hi…then I say hi of course. These guys are more than likely masturbating and the idea of booking a session is what the are getting off to. It is thanks to the hundreds of these guys a week that we deal with that we are hesitant to send more photos or to have too much conversation before booking a session. At least 15 to 20 hours a week are wasted on these guys and it is frustrating.

They not only keep messaging or calling but they book appointments that they never intended on showing up to and when a real client tries to come see me I have to say I am sorry I am not available until…whenever only to be stood up. This is why we often double book clients. Usually I can book three guys for the same time slot and just one will show.

So please Dont be a time crusher and if you ever show up and realize that I double booked your time slot it is because I wasn’t sure who would actually show and who wouldn’t. Every once in a while they both will show up and then I feel awful but what else can I do. I am very open to any of your suggestions about how I could handle this issue or any other that you hear me talking about on this blog. You may know the perfect solution. So please give me your two cents.

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