What session

Okay, you’ve decided to step out of your comfort zone and come on over and see me. Yay! Now you have to think about which session you want.

Quick Visit, half-hour, an hour or an hour and a half. What should you do? Let me break down for you how I see the sessions and maybe that will help.


This session is reserved for my regular client’s. If you haven’t seen me before I want to ensure that you get the full experience and fifteen minutes isn’t going to get you everything that an hour would. The 15 minutes goes really fast. However, if you are trying to see me at lunch this may be the only option you have. If you think you can do it in 15 minutes go for it.

Half Hour:

You don’t have much time but aren’t sure you can get comfortable enough to finish in fifteen minutes this is for you.

An Hour:

What’s an hour? You are treating yourself and you want to pop more than once. Hell, you might want three pops. Not to mention you want to be able to enjoy the woman with you and maybe even make her enjoy you.

An hour and a half:

You’ve got the time and the money and you are going to enjoy everything this service can offer. You are interested in some of the extras like anal and exploration of the fetishes that normally you only visit in your head. This time you want to see some of them in reality. Why pop once when you can pop two or three times. Hell, you also want to learn a few tips on oral sex so you can treat the woman in your life or in your future.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy the naughtiness of a quick visit but at the same time, it is so much more of an experience to take your time and really enjoy the person you are with. I like for play and fifteen minutes doesn’t give me enough time to get you ready the way I like and it absolutely isn’t enough to get me hot.

Then again this session is for you so never mind me. If all you have is fifteen minutes then come on and I will do my best to give you an experience that doesn’t feel rushed.

The main thing is to just pick a session and text me. I might be available right now.

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