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The system that men have set up to protect themselves from being ripped off is impressive but there are some serious holes in it. Too often I see reviews that are written to hurt not to guide. It would be perfect if every client wrote an honest review of my services after every date. Unfortunately, they rarely write one when they are happy. Let one thing go wrong though, and look out!

That is the world we live in though, right? When you go out to eat and everything is perfect how likely are you to contact the manager and tell them what a great job your server did, that your steak was cooked perfect or that the restaurant was exceptionally clean today? Some will make sure that they speak to the manager but nine times out of ten they just smile at the manager and wave as they leave.

It is no different when it comes to reviews being written about escorts except in most industry’s the client aren’t using the threat of negative reviews as a weapon. Yes, I believe a provider should always treat her client as if he were the only man in the world for the tiny slice of time that she is with him. However, when the guy starts the session off with warning the girl that he will write a bad review in a heartbeat that is my cue for saying goodbye.

You guys read these reviews and treat them as though they were written by Jesus himself and I hate to break it to you but all too often the reviews you are reading are nothing more than a case of an asshole the wasn’t able to get his way.

Please remember guys that just because someone writes that a provider is a ______ that doesn’t mean that she is or would be with you. In my experience often people have a fantasy in their mind of how their time with me is going to look, sound, taste, and smell and if I don’t read their minds they feel cheated. I wish I had that ability and I wish when I first started a few months ago that I knew what I know now but I didn’t. Try to give more props than smackdowns because hey we are just trying to make a living by providing a service that helps a lot of people.

We risk going to jail and society thinks we are below pond scum so hey what about giving a girl a break sometimes and writing about the awesome blow job you got instead of the fact that her phone wasn’t silenced and it really distracted her. That sounds like something you should tell her and not the entire community.

If you find anything bad about me please give me the chance to tell my side. If you don’t care to hear it that’s cool but be kind at least guys.

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