First Outcall

Well, guys and gals I finally did an outcall this evening.  Up until this point I was too nervous.   Thankfully, I got extremely lucky and chose an awesome guy.  He was pretty much an ideal client from the booking of the session to the moment I left.  

When he text me to book the appointment he got right to the point and was sure to let me know that his hotel was very close to the hotel I was doing incalls at.   He told me that if I would be willing to visit him that he would gladly book two hours and naturally tip.  I quoted him, 350 for two hours. 

Out Call Rates:

1 hour 250

2 hours 350

When I arrived the hotel was beautiful and he had the donation ready for me in an envelope on the coffee table.  We sat and talked for about 30 or 40 minutes and then he asked if I had a condom.  I said oh no you are supposed to have the condoms.  It clearly says that in my ads.  He admitted he had seen that but thought maybe I would still provide one. ( I am considering it, it’s just that there are different sizes, latex and nonlatex.)

First Outcall in Louisville, KY

He asked if there was a store close and I told him how to get to the store that is just a min for two up the road.  He asked if I was going with and I declined to point out that I couldn’t get into a car with him.   It’s just not safe.  I could tell by the look on his face that he was highly concerned that I might bolt with the four hundred he gave me. I assured him I would never run off with anyone’s money and after a little more promising he went to the store.  

When he got back just five or so minutes later he was almost shocked that I was still in the room where he left me.  ”See, I told you I would be here!” I said.  He was very happy.

I won’t write about what happened between us or didn’t but I will say that he was clean, kind, considerate and good at everything we enjoyed.  When the session was over I got dressed and gave him a hug and kiss and said goodbye.   He said he would absolutely call again and I told him I would most definitely welcome it.

So yay, I did an outcall to a hotel.  I am still alive and actually enjoyed it.  I can’t promise that I will jump right into outcalls but if the right one comes up I will do it again.  It was refreshing to be somewhere different and he was the perfect client.  

So thank you!!

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